Friday, January 11, 2013

Where Am I?

Hello, readers! Oh, how I pine to share my favorite recipes with all of that currently (aren't) being prepared with much TLC as of late. Where am I? I wanted to share with you all that I've returned to work. There are many good things included in this decision.
I'm currently working at the residential care center (adolescent mental health) where I was working previous to little Banner's birth. I was working actively towards the big return through the month of December (lots of steps involved!) and am officially preparing for the start of my third official week, to begin on Monday. I'm spending my evenings at the facility, conducting a series of group therapy sessions with a collection of fascinating, colorful, fiesty adolescents who are living in residential care because of their failure to thrive in the community. I adore it.
The negative aspect is that my food blog suffers immensely as I've traded in long, lavish, late afternoons of wine/prepping/cooking for matching/ironing/accesorizing work clothes and personal conversations inside to make the big mental switch from being a mama by day and a therapist by night as my afternoons at home come to a close.
Lately, my meals consist of the first half of prep, which is completed by my hubby and waiting on a plate in the oven for me as I return home at night.
My vow to all of you, dear readers, is to share with you a weekend recipe here and there as I become inspired, or the occasional crock pot recipe, when I can.
One day, I plan to fully return to the blog and this life phase will undoubtedly, eventually, trade itself in for another, as happens with all of our interesting, adventurous lives. Love to you all! Thank you for always being so loyal to me, my loyal and loving readers!

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