Monday, August 13, 2012


Some very wonderful things took place in my weekend: guacamole, margaritas, a vegetarian taco bar and best friends to share it all with. I wanted to share some recipes that are perfect for entertaining. Because of all the steps involved, these are fun to cook in an open kitchen while listening to music and the laughter of your very favorite people.

My Very Rockin' Guac (double and triple for amount of guests)

3 avocados
the juice of one lime
both the stalks and leaves of 3 garlic chives (if these are unavailable to you, substitute 2 garlic cloves and half of one white onion)
1 fresh jalapeno, chopped
1 very ripe tomato
sea salt and ground black pepper to taste
stir well and serve with blue corn tortilla chips

The Best Margarita I've Ever Had (double and triple for amount of guests)
*this is the ultimate combination of several different margarita recipes, perfected just for your palate.

1 can of frozen limeade
1 can of gold tequila
Juice of 2 limes
1/2 can of Sprite
1/2 can of water
1 Tecate beer

Mix well and serve either on ice or blend in blender with ice until it looks just right for you and your guests!

Taco BAR! (Enjoyed most adequately when surrounded by good friends!)
Taco Bars can be made with whatever fresh ingredients you have on hand. I'm simply including what I had available this particular evening. Most importantly, tacos can be HEALTHY and the shells are simply a vessel for whatever awesome combination of vegetables/proteins you LOVE!

2 cans of black beans, simmered with 1 jalapeno, 2 garlic cloves, one large tomato and salt/pepper for an hour
Freshly grated carrots served raw
Sliced radishes served raw
2 large sweet potatoes tossed in olive oil and cooked at 400 degrees for 40 minutes-the key to taco sweet potatoes is to cut into tiny, 1/2 inch cubes and cook until they begin to crunch! Delish!
One large bunch of kale, sauteed on medium heat in olive oil and rice vinegar for 30 minutes
One large bowl of chopped, very ripe, very beautiful tomatoes
One medium bowl of sliced avocado
Goat cheese, crumbled
Sharp White cheddar cheese, grated
A combination of soft, whole wheat and hard corn taco shells
Hot sauce!
A bowl of spanish rice as a side dish

Set up into bar/buffet form and allow guests to work their way down the taco line. ENJOY...and OLE!


  1. LOVED every bit of this taco bar! :)

  2. love kale for the taco bar - genius! xx

  3. i've been regretting not having a third helping.. :) xo

  4. Yeah, im still thinking about it too! Thinking I should probably re create it tonight!